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Marco Brambilla
Sea of Tranquility, 2006 6:20

Marco Brambilla is an artist and filmmaker. He first studied film in Toronto, and quickly moved to working in commercials and feature-length films. He directed Demolition Man (1993), the successful science-fiction movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. In 1998, Brambilla shifted his focus to video and photography projects, and has since exhibited in private and public exhibitions including the Guggenheim Museum, New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

In Sea of Tranquility, the American spacecraft, Eagle , is recreated in a computer-generated time-lapse of the lunar landing site of Apollo 11 in 1969. Years are compressed into seconds while the spacecraft and the American flag gradually disintegrate over time as they are bombarded by thousands of micro-meteorites.

Irit Batsry
View From Both Sides 2007 9:07

Irit Batsry is an artist working mainly in video and installations. In 2002, she was awarded the prestigious Whitney Biennial Bucksbaum Award, given to " an artist whose work demonstrates a singular combination of talent and imagination - a person who promises to make significant contributions to the visual arts". She received the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 1992 and the Grand Prix Video de Criation of the Sociiti Civile des Auteurs Multimedia, Paris (1996 and 2001) as well as many international festival prizes including: Grand Prix - Locarno 90 and 95, First Prize - Vigo 94 and 01 Best Intl. Artistic Contribution - Cadiz 91, First Prize - the Australian Video Festival 89, First prize - San Francisco Poetry Film Festival 89.

Her work has been shown extensively in 35 different countries. Selected shows include the National Gallery in Washington DC, the National Film Theater and the ICA (London), the Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Museu d'Arte Moderna (Rio), Ludwig Museum (Cologne), Tel Aviv Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Laurel Beckman, Teja Ream, tarik Abdel-Gawad and Ben Ritter
(Reflections on) Animals in Film 2006 1:13
A LBB production Curated by Laurel Beckman

Animals in Film presents 4 sequences of images that are imaginative interpretations of the roles and relations of animals in films. Created especially for public projection, the project aims to delight as it provokes notions of human-animal relationships and perspectives as played out in popular cinema. Themes explored include mutation, animal-to-animal gaze, the re-formation of animals in groups, and the cinematic animal POV (point of view). Sequences are inspired by the following films: The Fly, Finding Nemo, Lassie, Blade Runner, Dancing with Wolves, The Snake Pit, The Birds, The Rescuers.

Laurel Beckman
Working with and nurturing eccentric public spaces, Beckman's research highlights free culture and public display. Attending to themes at the crossroads of consciousness and social conditions, meta-physics and science, Beckman's practice investigates perceptual phenomena, language, and empathy in unlikely public settings. She is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Tarik Abdel-Gawad makes art out of films, videos, still pictures, holograms, and words. He received a B.A. from the UCSB department of art in 2006 and now resides in the Bay Area.

Teja Ream is a multimedia artist working with video, photography and installation. Animal themes at the juncture of fantasy and expectation predominate in her provocative practice.

Ben Ritter's art investigates the structure of space from drawing to paper sculpture to dynamic screen-based digital environments. Based in Brooklyn, his recent exhibitions include group shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Anya Belkina
Crowded With Voices, 2007 4:39

Born in Russia, Anya Belkina studied the disciplines of drawing, painting, and design at the Moscow Art Institute In Memory of 1905. She received her B.F.A. in Visual Arts from the University of California at San Diego. She is currently assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Duke University. Belkina's paintings are held in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. Her recent new media projects have been screened at numerous international film festivals. A multi-screen installation of Crowded With Voices was recently seen in the Art Gallery section of SIGGRAPH 2007.

Crowded With Voices is inspired by the poetry of the Sufi mystic Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273), whose 800th birthday is being celebrated this year. The film is intended as a tribute to Rumi's teachings and art that apealed to people of many faiths in his lifetime and united them at his funeral. Rumi's message of love, tolerance, and acceptance is as relevant as ever in our era of high-speed connectivity, nuclear weapons, global pandemics, terrorism, and large-scale natural disasters. The central visual motif of the film is an image of a whirling dervish whose revolving motion is in harmony with the motion of the smallest particles in nature and the largest galaxies in the universe.

Peter Bill
Waiting For Oona, 2005 2:34
Rebuild the City 2007 6:50
40 Worth 14:05

Peter Bill is from New Haven, where from the heights of East Rock he surveyed the city of his birth, and began his explorations of the urban landscape. He studied his home town from alleys, street-corners, and rooftops. It was here that he became fascinated with the play and progression of light across forms, and the spatial procession of time passing. This passion is manifest in his painting and in his first digital explorations with time-lapse. His digital work matured in Prague, where he collaborated with a professor from FAMU, the Prague film academy. His first large format, multichannel time-lapse collages were realized at the University of Washington's Center for Advanced Research in the Arts and Humanities, where he was a teaching assistant.

Peter's video installations have shown at the Henry Gallery in Seattle as part of the TERRAFORM collaboration, at the Kitchen in NYC, the FILE Festival of Electronic Media in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in other international exhibitions. He currently lives in LA, where he teaches new media at the California Design College.

Beth Block
True or False? 2007 4:38

Beth Block is a multi-media artist working in film, video, photography, digital media, and installation. Her films have been screened nationally, including the Ann Arbor, Sinking Creek, Black Maria and Philadelphia Film Festivals. She works professionally as a digital compositing artist creating visual effects for motion pictures. and as an adjunct professor film at California Institute of the Arts. She is also an arts advocate, first serving on the Board of Film Forum including two years as its president, then as a founding member of the board of New Town Pasadena Foundation where she has remained active for the last ten years.

Mark Bradford
Practice 2003 2:47

Inviting comparison to the De Stijl and Bauhaus movements, Mark Bradford's large-scale canvases reinterpret the Utopian ideal as influenced by contemporary life. Extending from the geometric formalism of Piet Mondrian and Josef Albers Bradford's grid-like paintings reflect a cosmopolitan chic of a new world order.

Based in south-eastern Los Angeles, Bradford often works from materials & imagery found within his immediate environment. His layered compositions incorporate elements of graffiti, merchant posters, and billboards to create abstracted fields evocative of inner-city experience. Resembling maps or industrial terrain, Bradford's paintings encapsulate the cacophony of urban life. His highly textured surfaces sprawl as simmering microcosms of activity where paint and recycled signage pile up in evidence of a dissonant evolution.

Underlying Bradford's work is an engagement with cultural identity and transaction. Using peripheral languages associated with gender, ethnicity and class, Bradford brings into question the strategies of mainstream cultural definition and perception. In confronting globalism, Bradford presents its harsh realities and wonderful diversity as an aesthetic sublime.

Mark Bradford creates paintings that recall modernist style but which are grounded in the materials of his local urban environment: South-Central L.A. His work is primarily based on notions of ethnicity and beauty as defined by the community of his youth. Bradford experiments with materials drawn from local beauty salons and other local businesses and hangouts that hold significant meaning to the South-Central social scene.

Mark Bradford was born in Los Angeles in 1961. He studied at California Institute of the Arts, earning an MFA in 1997 and a BFA in 1995. He has won numerous awards for his work. Among them are: Bucksbaum Award (2006), the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award (2003), the Nancy Graves Foundation Grant (2002) and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award.

Bradford's work has been exhibited both nationally & internationally. He has been featured in several prestigious exhibitions including the Sao Paulo Biennial (2006), Whitney Biennial (2006), Liverpool Biennial (2006), "ARCO 2003" in Madrid, "Farsites" at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and the Centro Cultural de Tijuana, and "USA Today" at The Royal Academy in London.

David Cabrera
Video Painting, 2007 1:50

David Cabrera, a graduate from The California Institute Of The Arts has been creating visual artwork since 1991. David first started exhibiting his work in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

While living in the bay area during the late 90s, he began showcasing his work via slide projectors in both the gallery and club scene. It wasn't long before his photographic projections evolved into a live video show. Currently David lives in Los Angeles and is very active performing regularly as a VJ for both DJs and bands. It is his goal to establish himself not only as a live performance based video artist but also as an exhibitor of his video work in both galleries and public outlets. One aspect of David's video art that is unique is that he` seldom edits his work. Most of his creations are the product of a live-recorded event, which took place either in a public setting or at his home studio.

In my video titled Video Painting, I wanted to create a landscape of moving and changing color schemes and also I wanted to challenge the concept of what a "painting" is or could be.

What I did was set up a canvas at a 45-degree angle. I then set up a video camera on a tripod to capture only about a 5 inch by 7-inch section of that canvas. Once I started recording I then began to poor paints onto the canvas so that the paints would ooze past the field of vision of the camera. I then took that recording and played it in reverse at a high speed to create the final video recording.

Cheryl Calleri
Vial Life, 2008 2:00

Vial Life is homage to the fruit fly, the unsung hero of biological research. Few areas of biology have not benefited from Drosophila Melanogaster. Cancer research, early warning system for global warming, the study of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimers disease and the genetics of alcohol and drug addiction have all been influenced by the fruit fly. In fact, the fly is providing answers to some of the most fundamental questions in biology. How do genes link one generation to the next? How does an egg a single cell become an adult, with billions of different cells? And how do new species evolve?

Cheryl Calleri is a multi-media artist. She works in the San Francisco Bay Area. The unseen structures and processes of the brain and nervous system have been the focus of Calleris work for nearly ten years. Two years ago she began breeding fruit flies, photographing and filming the life cycle of these mundane stars in their vial homes. Vial Life is the result of these efforts a tribute to this extraordinary insect and all the others who are unnoticed and or unappreciated.

Sean Capone
POP! Garden, 2007 digital animation 2:30
Ornamental Wall 02, 2008 1 min 19 sec looped twice = 2:38
Ornamental Wall 04, 2008 1 min 31 sec looped twice = 3:02

Sean Capone is a video artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Through his studio Supernature, he incorporates animation, photography, and video to create digital moving image works which explore notions of art, nature, design culture and the built environment. For more info, please visit www.thesupernature.com.

POP! Garden is a digital animation intended for large-scale projection, reflecting on the use of media as a contemporary form of architectural ornamentation. The aesthetics of graffiti patterns, urban gardens, and traditional decorative motifs are referenced and reformulated as a dynamic environmental surface display. The palimpsest of growth and decay allude to the ongoing natural processes of erasure and regeneration within the evolving visual field of the city.

Chris Cassidy
The Isthmus of Kansas, 2007 8:06

Chris Cassidy's area of expertise includes sculpture, installation and digital media. He is currently Assistant Professor of Design at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. His work has appeared in exhibitions and screenings in Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, California and North Carolina. He has been commissioned for work by private and public organizations, including permanent installations at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and the State University of New York

The Isthmus of Kansas combines location footage from the Pacific Coast of California and the Atlantic Coast of the Carolinas into a single image foreshadowing rising sea levels and a shrinking North American landmass.

Kim Collmer
Berlin Skin, 2007 4:00, The Pin-Ups 2006 7:20

Kim Collmer is an animator and educator located in Germany. Kim makes animated films using stop motion animation and 2D digital techniques. She also creates underwater films (including one under-water animation). Kim is a Guest Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Schwaebisch Hall. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she also taught before relocating to Germany. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and exhibitions, with reviews published in the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine. Additionally, Kim curates animation screenings through the Director's Lounge in Berlin.

Aasta Deth
Pulse, 2007 7:00

Aasta Deth is a sculptor and installation artist working out of Pittsburgh, PA. Her work involves ways that the notions of mediation are exploited through the layering and weaving of video, projections, casts and industrial plastics into forms that are classified as neither bodies nor images.

A 2004 BFA graduate from the University at Buffalo and a December, 2008 MFA graduate of Sculpture and Media at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Aasta has shown extensively throughout the country and abroad, including Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, New York, the Contemporary Art Collective in Las Vegas, Nevada and University of Zagreb, Croatia. Her recent installations and commissions have been a large scale projection piece for the 2008 Artists & Models affair in New York and three public sculpture pieces in Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia.

Aasta has also presented papers at academic conferences, most recently The Body as Site of Cultural (ex)Change at the Graduate Scholars Conference, Pennsylvania.

The space of my work lies between the clinical and the liminal. Pulse explores the ambient image as an abstract life form- neither human nor alien. This video work combines light and movement where the forms ebb and flow in and out of each other. The work was originally based on jellyfish, which have the element of being transparent. Much of my work seeks to explore the interior and exterior; these organisms are both simultaneously. The complete removal of any sound furthers the viewers focus on sape and color, giving no other clues other than visual. I prefer to create video works that a viewer can walk into and out of at any time and still get the full experience. Pulse is a continuous loop with no definitive beggining or end.

John Di Stefano
Ashes [Amsterdam], 2008 5:00

John Di Stefano is an interdisciplinary visual artist, videomaker, writer, and curator. Presently Associate Professor and Director of the Postgraduate Studies programme at Massey Universitys School of Fine Arts (Wellington, New Zealand), he is the former Chair of the Video Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been a faculty member at California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), and at the University of California. He has exhibited internationally since 1985 and his studio work is focused primarily in video, installation, photography and time-based media, and has also included performance, book-work, site-specific, and public art projects as well as work in the digital realm. Thematically, much of his current studio practice and scholarly interests revolve around the relationship of identity, displacement and transnationalism by examining how concepts and perceptions of memory, space/place, and time shape the articulation of subjectivities. His video work has won several awards, including the New Vision Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival, and has been broadcast on American public television (PBS). In 2001, his work was cited as one of the best of the year by the publication Artforum (New York). Exhibitions and screenings include: Transmediale - International Media Arts Festival, (Berlin); Barcelona Museum of Modern Art; Kassel Documentary Film Festival, (Kassel, Germany); Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong); Rymer Gallery (Chicago); Hammer Museum (Los Angeles); Articule Gallery (Montrial); Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles); Royal Academy of Art (Copenhagen); Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels); Karsten Schubert Gallery (London). Bruno Brunnet Fine Arts (Berlin); Stockholm International Film Festival; New Langton Arts (San Francisco); A-Space (Toronto); Moving Image Centre (Auckland)

The chance encounter between the artist's camera and an unscripted intimate moment consisting of a couple pouring ashes into the water at Amsterdam's Homomonument transforms their act into a mediated experience of witnessing a personal/public history. The video creates a convergence of experience, memory, and temporality to offer a glimpse into the complexities of interwoven present human actions and the lingering residues of history. Utilizing a type of slow motion emphasizing time as a sequence of still moments to reflect an expanded inquiry into the real; the video examines the camera's role as pivitol device to authenticate and manipulate.

Thorsten Fleisch
Energie!, 2007 5:11 minutes

1972 born in Koblenz - Germany
1991 first film experiments
1995 studies in Marburg: art history, music & media theory
1996 studies experimental film at the Stddelschule in Frankfurt with Prof. Peter Kubelka and Guest Prof. Robert Breer for two years
2001 member of TIECE - The International Experimental Cinema Exposition's- Board of Artistic Directors
2002 receives a grant from the Filmb|ro NW
2003 receives a grant from the Museum of Contemporary Cinema
2004 first show of recent works at the mediaruimte gallery in Brussels
2005 presentation of his works at the California Institute of the Arts and University of Southern California as well as curating a program for The International Experimental Cinema Exhibition in Denver
2006 'Blood of Machines' exhibition in Karlsruhe where he showed his recent high-voltage photograms

The films of Thorsten Fleisch have been shown at festivals around the world, including:
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Ars Electronica
New York Film Festival

Thorsten Fleisch has received many awards for his films, including:
Best Experimental Film at the 6th MicroCineFest
Best Video / Computer Art at the Asolo Film Festival
Director's Choice Award - Black Maria Film & Video Festival
Best Experimental Film, Chicago Underground Film Festival

His film 'Gestalt' has been included in three DVD compilations to date.

From a mere technical point of view the tv/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. for 'energie!' an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of approx. 30.000 volts exposes photographic paper which is then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization.

Tom Friedman
Ream 2006 16.66 seconds looped 10 times = 2:46

Each frame was completely hand-drawn on 500 separate sheets of paper., hence the title of the work: Ream; 500 sheets at 30 frames per second = 16.66 seconds.

Tom Friedman (born 1965) is an American conceptual sculptor known for his work employing everyday material, such as toothpicks or sugar cubes in intricate geometric arrangements. Friedman was born in St. Louis, Missouri and attended Washington University there, receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic illustration in 1988. He pursued graduate coursework at the University of Illinois at Chicago receiving a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture in 1990 He has exhibited extensively in major museums throughout the world. His most recent exhibitions include Tom Friedman, South London Gallery, London; Stitching, Fondazione Prada, Milan; Tom Friedman, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, which traveled to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Aspen Art Museum, CO, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. In October 2006, Friedman had his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles since 1997at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Jason Graham
Raindrops No. 7

Jason Graham (b. 1974) is a film/video artist working and residing in New York and Miami, Florida. Since 1999, he has been creating a body of work exploring the themes of chance versus fate, nostalgia and internal political turmoil. Experimenting with various formats (35mm, 16mm, 8mm, HD and MiniDV), Jason has been focused visually on capturing intimate moments in their natural light; examining the emotional impulses generated from color, movement and temperature.

When not concentrating on his own projects, Jason works as an Assistant Director on feature films, working alongside such acclaimed filmmakers as Michael Haneke, Manoel de Oliveira, Larry Clark, Wai Keung Lau and Allison Anders.

Raindrops No. 7 is a study in conflict and movement, light and color; involving raindrops, air pressure, and a moving vehicle.

Linda Graveline
Psyquatic, 2003 4:30 minutes

Linda Graveline's background in fashion and production design in New York led her to Los Angeles, where she began experimenting with digital video, installation, photography and collage in 2002. Her first endeavor, a video installation titled NO DIVING was such a hit at the spring 2002 Brewery ArtWalk, that LACMA asked her to show it at their Muse ArtWalk event that June. She has since exhibited at Bank Gallery, the L.A. Art Show, Art in Motion at the Armory Northwest, and Burning Man festival and has done commissions for clients such as Sami Hayek and Ben Lee.

....a digital aquarium and reminder of the other world on this planet. Think of it as a liquid meditation with delicate jellyfish, tranquil leafy seadragons, mercury fish, pulsating plantlife and delicate floating membranes.

Brent Green
Paulina Hollers, 2007 13:00

A self-taught filmmaker based in Cressona, Pennsylvania, Brent Green's work has received acclaim with a project at the Hammer Museum and screenings at the 2007 and 2006 Sundance Film Festivals, The Wexner Center, The Andy Warhol Museum, and The Getty Museum. Paulina Hollers was realized with the support of a grant from the Creative Capital Foundation.

Paulina Hollers follows the story of a disagreeable boy's death and banishment to Hell, his distraught mother's suicide, and their bid for escape from the underworld. The film alternates between the three dimensional living world where Paulina, a hand-carved wooden figure in a skeletal dress, lives amongnst crooked homes and spinning birds, and a hand-drawn Hell populated by spindly Giacometti-like characters. Green's creative process is exposed with visibly numbered drawings and scotch tape revealed on screen.

Michelle Handelman
ICU, 2000 2:29

Michelle Handelman is a multimedia artist working with video, performance, and digital media.

Working in the tradition of feminist body artist who use their bodies not just as makers of the work, but as agents of the work, Handelman states, "My work can be described by theorist, Helene Cixous' ideas of Visceral Feminism: aggressively traversing the corporeal landscape in it's various forms of excess and undress, while simultaneously giving it up for the viewer in an overflow of visual and psychological sensations."

Handelman moved to New York from San Francisco, having her first one-person show at the Cristinerose Gallery (Feb. 2000) and subsequent shows at Jack Tilton/Anna Kustera Gallery and Exit Art.

She is a recipient of the NYSCA individual artists program grants 2004; her work has shown internationally including the Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris; The Institute of Contemporary Art, London; and the American Film Institute. Los Angeles.

1-channel to be looped continuouslyApproaching the lens as the ultimate object of affection. Handelman pulls eyelashes out of her mouth, assaulting beauty, artifice and the grotesqueness of desire.

Lucy H. G., Jacalyn Lopez Garcia
Living Large 2005 1:44

Lucy H. G. is a media artist whose work frequently visits the house as its subject. Merging fantasy with fact, imaginings with memories, and dreams with reality, she reveals hidden worlds of the everyday. Lucy co-founded and directed the Institute of Arts and Multimedia at Los Angeles Mission College until 2005, was an artist in residence at California Institute of the Arts in 2006, and is currently an artist in residence with the E.U. Interdisciplinary research project in art and science, eMobilEArt. She is an active instigator for the League of Imaginary Scientists. League projects and her solo endeavors have exhibited across the globe. Works from the Imaginary Science series were exhibited at Colombia's celebration of the World Year of Physics in Bogota, while the Dinner Party series, consisting of interactions between local and remote guests at a telematic dinner party, continues to take place across continents. Recent exhibitions include NetUser4 in Bulgaria, MAAC in Brussels, the Mapping Festival at BAC in Geneva, Babel Art Space in Norway, the Eternal Tour festival in Rome, and ISEA; a selection of her upcoming 2008 presentations includes Electrofringe, Milkbar International, and a residency and exhibition at the Casula Powerhouse in Australia. "Living Large" is one of her aspirations, in that she hopes to one day own a home in Southern California.

www.workofbox.com | www.imaginaryscience.org

Jacalyn Lopez Garcia is a multimedia artist who is constantly searching for innovative ways to integrate diverse artistic practices with new technologies. She enjoys pushing the boundaries between politics and art and frequently explores the relationship between narrative and memory in her artwork. The house is a familiar subject for Jacalyn, whose most recognized work is an interactive website entitled Glass Houses. Jacalyn has earned national and international recognition for her multimedia art works and photography. She was selected as an artist for the publication Art, Women & Technology by MIT Press. "Living Large" offers a reflection of the artist's dreams, desires and fears of becoming a homeowner.


"Living Large" is a video statement on housing in America. Originally projected against a vast white wall of a retired bank, the short film is an animation of nothing to something and status to homeless. The collaboration underlines the artists' unrealized efforts of purchasing a home in Southern California and stems from their observations of inflated neighborhoods with unreachable houses.

Nan Hoover
Flora 1986 6:30
Watching Out - A Trilogy 1985 9:11

Flora is a study in visual perception. Hoover uses the petals of a flower to create indefinable compositions that transform themselves with the slight changes in light. 'Light slowly moves across a flower suggesting to the viewer summer light-clouds moving across the sun, the light intensifying the color and form of the flower. The silence of the images I hope, would recall in the viewer images once seen or dreamed of.'

Watching Out deals with the process of sight itself. We watch a woman whose head and hands appear on screen and who looks out over what appears to be a seascape. She holds her hand above her eyes - a gesture which seems to aid perception. These images (in contrasting black-and-white) sometimes resemble abstract ink paintings on white paper. Watching Out is visualized 'introspection'.

Nan Hoover, an American-born artist who was a Dutch citizen since 1975, produced formalist works that are highly sensual. Through meticulous renderings of light, color and movement, she created associative visual compositions that suggest external and interior landscapes. Fluidly manipulating light and shadow into sculptural form, Hoover created an evocative tension between abstraction and reality. Precisely composed, unfolding in real time, these minimalist reveries invoke the sublime.

Exploring subtle ambiguities of visual perception, Hoover elicited an evocative tension between abstraction and reality, fluidly manipulating light and shadow into sculptural form with slow, concentrated movements. Precisely composed for a stationary camera, unfolding in real time, these contemplative reveries use austere reductivity to invoke the sublime. A hand, traced by shifting light, becomes a luminous, sculptural landscape; moving shadows suggest a mountain veiled in mist. Nuanced orchestrations of light on a close-up of the body or a surface create enigmatic illusions of scale, form, space and temporality, evoking metaphorical transformations and timelessness. A painterly aesthetic pervades these minimalist works.

Prior to concentrating on video, performance and photography in 1974, Hoover worked in painting and drawing. She wrote that her images "reflect quietness, using slow movement to catch the gradual changes in light, color, and form. I attempt to transport one into an area within ourselves where we can dream and explore our personal worlds."

Nan Hoover was born in 1931. She attended the Corcoran Gallery Art School. Hoover moved to Amsterdam in 1969, and has performed and exhibited her work extensively throughout Europe. She received a Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Fellowship in 1980. Her video works have been exhibited at festivals and institutions internationally, including Documentas 6 and 8, Kassel, Germany; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Centre International d'Art Contemporain, Montreal; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Kijkhuis, The Hague; Sydney Video Festival; Berlin Film Festival; Kunstmuseum, Bern; and Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany. She passed away in June of ths year.

May Jong
Reimagining Niagara 2008 2:35

May Jong is a Los Angeles based artist. She works in a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture and video, often weaving them together to create interdisciplinary hybrid works. She received an MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Recent exhibitions include Los Angeles International Airport and the Armory Center for the Arts. May currently teaches at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Otis College of Art and Design. She was Co-Founder and Co-Director of Me & You Variety Candy Los Angeles, an artist-run space.

Reimagining Niagara examines our relationship to Niagara Falls. A small-scale model of Niagara Falls was built with water pumping at the various levels that currently pump through the actual Falls. During the day, water is diverted to generate power, leaving Niagara Falls flowing as low as 50% of its capacity. In the evening, it reaches as low as 25%. The model was then pumped at 100% of its capacity, at the natural flow rate that would now submerge many parts of cities and industries developed around Niagara.

Jared Katsiane
Superhero, 2006 3:54

Jared Katsiane teaches filmmaking in the same public housing development where he grew up in Boston. His award-winning films have screened at all sorts of venues around the world, and he has received fifteen grants and fellowships. Jared's 2005 film Solace premiered at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, was awarded the Silver Prize at the 47th Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film, screened at 37 other festivals, and was hailed as a "milestone" by the editor of France's premier film journal, Cahiers du Cinema.

Experimental documentary about a young artist waiting for a bus.

Shon Kim
Hemorrhage 2008 5:30

Shon Kim has been exploring various ways of experimental media with sound, performance, kinetic and installation. Particularly having continuous interest in combining animation with painting, he has worked a series of abstract films which is called 'Moving Painting'. In terms of fine art, his experimental drawing series 'untamed Line' has been executed to create new patterns & volume by unfamiliar tools for several years, and painting series 'untamed Paint' is also keeping pace with his line experiment. Main conceptual issues of his work are founded on the essence of things, inequality between things and illogical connection of logical things.

His experimental films have been internationally presented at museums and galleries, MoMA(2006), REDCAT(2006), The Hammer Museum(2007), Modern and Contemporary Art Centre in Hungary(2008), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Chile(2007), IFC Center in NYC(2007), and screened at many film festivals & media art festivals, FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU FILM SUR L'ART(2007), Slamdance Film Festival(2007), International Film Festival ART FILM(2006), ANIMA MUNDI(2006), Odense Film Festival(2006), Avanto Festival(2005), etc. He was awarded at New Jersey International Film Festival (2006, Best Experimental Film & Video), San Diego Asian Film Festival (2006, Best Experimental Film), World-wide HIV/AIDS Art Competition (2005, 1st prize), Experimental Film & Video Festival In Seoul (2005, Fuji Film Eterna Award), Busan International Video Festival (2005, Excellence Award), Internationales filmfest Braunschweig (2006, the Leo Award, Special Mention), etc.

Born in Seoul, S.Korea, Shon Kim studied fine art at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, focusing on Painting & Drawing. He moved to Los Angeles to explore experimental film & media based on animation technique at CalArts, and received an MFA degree of Experimental Animation from CalArts in 2004.

Abstract locomotion of thesis-antithesis in order to evolve and their struggle for synthesis. This experiment is founded on Material Dialectic. "Power never bleeds, but history does."

Aaron Koblin
Flight Patterns, 2007 3:36

Raised in La Canada-Flintridge, Aaron Koblin recieved his MFA from the Department of Design|Media Arts at UCLA and his BA in Electronic Art at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Aaron has studied in The Netherlands and Japan and his work has been shown internationally in festivals including the Japan Media Arts Festival, Ars Electronica, Electrofringe, and the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. Utilizing a background in the computer game industry Aaron led a courses in game design for the web at UCLA in '05 and '06 and has been working with data driven projects as an interactive designer and researcher for the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS). Aaron received the National Science Foundation's Science Visualization Challenge 1st place award in 2006.

Flight Patterns is a series of animations created by parsing and plotting data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Without geography, the patterns and paths of air planes over the United States and Canada expose the systems and complexities in the skies above us.

Takehito Koganezawa
Untitled (Neon) 2005 22:00
Untitled (Birds) 2006 12:08

Neon is a poem to the beauty of this modern electric medium where the artist has layered multiple details of commercial neon signage, creating new compositions and colors. At once a comment on urban commercialism and a purely visual composition completely divorced from words and meaning, the textures grow and become more complex in a rhythm of its own as time goes on.

Takehito Koganezawa, an artist living and working in Tokyo and Berlin, has developed a diverse art practice united by a minimalist aesthetic. His media work includes drawing, video, sound sculpture and performance. Koganezawa's videos often originate from live performances and include the artist as an actor/participant. Other works take everyday objects or occurrences as a starting point endowing them with a poetic, dreamlike quality. Sometimes the focus is on little details which trigger a complete train of thought and emotion, thus increasing the visual impact. As Koganezawa says, "My work is about the hole. Like the hole of a donut that becomes visible because of the donut, in my work I create the donut to get closer to the hole."

Koganezawa was born in Tokyo in 1974 where he graduated from Musashino Art University. He has been living in Berlin since 1998 and has exhibited internationally at various institutions such as Berlinische Galerie, Berlin; Institute of Visual Art, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany; Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery; Institute for Contemporary Art, London; Internationales Filmfest, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; La Biennale de Montreal, Canada; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Queens Museum, New York; Project Rooms, ARCO, Madrid, the Mori Art Center, Tokyo and the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

Kadet Kuhne
Infinite Delay 2007 9:25

Kadet Kuhne is a media artist whose work includes video, installation and music composition. As an award-winning filmmaker she has numerous shorts that have screened worldwide including Infinite Delay, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Her installations involve a combination of motion sensors, customized software, online virtual space and single or multiple channels, exploring themes of communication, control and confinement. Kadet's compositions twist signal processing, FM synthesis and neurological impulses into experimental electronic ambiences that make your cilia vibrate in curious patterns. Trained in jazz guitar in her youth, Kadet became attached to the instinctive nature of improvisation which led her to the California Institute of the Arts where she studied Composition and Integrated Media. Select exhibitions and performances include the Marina Abramovic Institute, Museum of Art Lucerne, LACMA, Musees de Strasbourg, REDCAT, Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, LACE, Highways Performance Gallery, CEAIT Festival and the New York Underground Film Festival.

About Infinite Delay
Infinite Delay is a film that explores the subtleties of tension that exist between surrender and resistance through an unconventional, experiential narrative. The captivating underwater images of a restrained subject present a dialectic - possibly depicting someone who is being forced to wait, or alternatively representing a subject actively engaged in the erotics of waiting. The voiceless figure in this mysterious subterranean atmosphere investigates how renunciation could be an affirmation of power and a means of absolute embodiment. The sensing body in its inaction surrenders itself, and all questions of identity and placement are dissolved into a virtual suspension of absolute definition. The result is a blurring of lines - between the inner and outer world, self and other, and past and present.

Nery Gabriel Lemus
Supposed to be 2008 2:59

Nery Gabriel Lemus recently received his MFA degree from CalArts. He lives and works in Pasadena, California

Supposed to Be was generated as a result of the current attention placed on immigartion as well as identity within Los Angeles. My intent was to create a work that takes on the notion of the "othes expressed via acts of presumption or prejeduce. I have commonly witnessed individuals being characterized solely by their appearance without any interaction. This type of act (that of prejudgement) is fueld by a generational xenophobic seed implanted in people.

Alex Lorge
Shapeshifting 2008 9:38

Alex Lorge is an artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles working primarily in the medium of video, creating single channel works and multi-channel video installations. He received his BFA in the Cinema Arts program at San Francisco State University and is currently completing his MFA at California Institute of the Arts. His works have shown at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, REDCAT, and the TGNJ Art Gallery in New Jersey. Alex currently works editing film trailers in Hollywood.

This single channel work employs footage from the 1982 film The Thing and re-records the images at a different frame rate. This generation loss reveals new and imperfect textures while they slowly morph from one image to the next in a constant state of transfiguration. Although at times frozen, the vibrating video fields breath life into the image giving it new state of being.

Steve Montiglio
Shemachine 2006 2:49

Steve Montiglio is a native New Yorker who now resides in Hollywood, California. His large scale paintings of body parts on aluminum panels or stained canvas explore the human form as symbol, and reach back to the Renaissance and Baroque for their compositional and technical roots. Uniquely erotic, these paintings have been widely exhibited in Southern California, and have found their way into the collections of such Hollywood notables as Sylvester Stallone, Juliette Lewis, Clive Barker and heavy metal goddess Julie Strain. In print, they've appeared on the pages of In-Style; Hustler; Venice and Cyberzone magazines - among others. Montiglio's work has also caught the attention of the film industry, and can be seen in such movies as "Collateral," "Mean Girls," "All the Pretty Horses," "Hellraiser III," "Lord of Illusions" and "Titanic," and on television in the hit series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." His imagery is now appearing on the covers of books by authors like Ian Watson, Peter Atkins and Charles Stross and is published regularly in "Spectrum-the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art." Now, after directing his first animation as part of a collaboration with academy award winning producer Michael Phillips he's just completed his first independent experimental video, "Shemachine". Utilizing digital imagery from his recent series of paintings and prints, it's a wild mix of sci-fi/cabaret and war culture with medieval alchemy.

Dustin Muenchow and Evan Jones
Daily Motion 2007 2:22

Bio- This is Evan Jones and Dustin Muenchow's second project together. Both are students at Mira Costa High School and are going into their senior year. They are enrolled in the video production class and have done multiple internships. Both hope to continue their passion for the media arts through college and beyond.

Description- This short just over 2 minutes hopes to parallel the machinery of society with the technology we have developed. The film explores the similarity between man and technology. It also brings about themes of the repetition and the seeming less lifeless life that some people live.

Bret Nicely
An Essay on Liberation, 2007 7:09

Bret Nicely is an artist living in Los Angeles. From 1999 until 2002, Bret was Chief Creative Officer at FREEwilliamsburg.com where, along with author Robert Lanham, he created The Hipster Handbook (New York: Anchor, 2003). In 2006 Bret launched artlthr.com, a web site that maps how the internet contributes to artistic practice. Bret Nicely is currently Web Generalist at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) where he conceives web initiatives that augment and articulate the museum's exhibitions. Bret has a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD), and an MFA from Art Center College of Design (ACCD).

The artist is a motivated shopper, searching for and then occupying positions within an irrational and incoherent marketplace. Popular ideas of the artist as shopper place the all-important moment of selection, when the artist chooses what problem to engage, in an outdated loop of production and consumption. This position implies that the artist must regress into the role of consumer, an inference rooted in the belief that shopping is a diversion, and that the shopper is a disempowered actor lost within the marketplace.

I select objects that productively engage with questions of relative empowerment and disempowerment to create new forms. This is a heuristic activity. Universal problems, such as discovering the artists duties and potential liberation within the market, are impossibly abstract. My practice therefore invents tangential systems where amelioration is possible because I've chosen defer on the goal of liberation.

Anne Niemetz
Hommage ` Max Ernst 2003 12 seconds looped for 2 minutes

Hommage a Max Ernst adapts the compositional layout of the picture "Vox Angelica" painted by Max Ernst in1943. Considering that the duration of the video loop is only 12 seconds, the piece may be described as an "animated painting".

Combining imagery from the natural as well as the technological realm, the artists, inspiration seems appropriately expressed with the words of the Vulcan alien stranded on earth: "They're on the verge of countless social and technological advancements. I have the unique opportunity to study an emerging species."

Anne Niemetz holds a Media Arts degree from the Staatliche Hochschule f|r Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG), Germany (2002) with a focus in digital media and interactive installation. She continued her studies at UCLA where she received an MFA in Design and Media Arts. Her fields of interest and work include video, audio, internet, installation, and stage design. Recent works deal with the scientific discovery of cellular audio and the rediscovery of the video installation.

Mark O'Connell
Clouds 2006 7:41

Mark O'Connell, a musician and digital media artist, creates short films whose fluid collages of imagery and sound draw on movies, memory, chance and sensuality. His work abandons traditional narrative in order to explore the possibilities that arise from the juxtaposition, as well as the rhythms and textures, of images and sound.

O'Connell lives in Seattle, where his work has been sponsored by Washington's Artist's Trust organization, the Seattle Arts Commission, the King County Arts Commission and 4 Culture. Abroad, his work has earned showings at the European Media Arts Festival, in Osnabrueck; Videoex,in Zurich; the Melbourne Underground Film Festival; the Impakt Festival, in Amsterdam; Netslag, in Stockholm; Enter Multimediale, in Prague; and Dublin's Darklight Digital Film Festival. It has also been presented at screenings in Japan, Thailand and China.

Pat O'Neill
Coreopsis 1998 5:49
Let's Make a Sandwich 1982 18:42

Pat O'Neill primarily makes experimental films in Los Angeles. He is especially respected for his innovative special effects and use of optical printing, a process by which images are layered over other images in conjunction with animation and computer graphics, a process exemplified in his 1982 film Let's Make a Sandwich. O'Neill's first feature, Water and Power, a journey through a California of the imagination, was a Sundance Grand Jury winner in 1990 and was hailed as a touchstone for filmmaking in the future. The film became an instant classic, and was received with delight at the New York Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Telluride, London, Los Angeles and many others. O'Neill's second feature film, The Decay of Fiction (2002), is an archeological exploration of the Hotel Ambassador. Several of the 14 avant-garde 16mm short films he produced between 1963 and 1982 are also considered classics (especially 7362, Runs Good, and Saugus Series) and all are in international distribution and in the collections of major museums, from the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris to the Austrian Film Archive in Vienna.

He was founding Assistant Dean for Film and Video at the California Institute of the Arts 1970-1975, and since 1975 has operated his highly regarded special-effects and optical printing company, Lookout Mountain Films. He has always supported the making and showing of experimental film, and donates much time and energy to other filmmakers. He and his wife Beverly, who is also active in the Los Angeles film community, were co-founders of "Oasis," a Los Angeles film cooperative, and he often serves as a jury member for international film festivals. O'Neill and his films have been the recipient of Filmmakers' Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, The American Film Institute, The Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Pat O'Neill (born 1939, Los Angeles) received a Master of Arts degree in graphic design and photography from UCLA, where his mentor was photographer Robert Heineken. He produced his first short film in 1963 in collaboration with computer-graphics pioneer Robert Abel. During the '60s and '70s he taught photography at UCLA, while experimenting with and refining the limited means for combining images that were available at the time (the optical printer, first in 16mm and then in 35mm). He was the subject of a one-man exhibition of his work at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in 2004.

The artist lives and works in Pasadena.

Szacsva y Pal
Pericycle 2008 3:00


born in 1967/Marosvasarhely

1988-93 Academy of Visual Arts, Kolozsvar (MFA)
1993-95 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts Budapest (Post-graduate diploma)
1995-97 Participations to international workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
1996 Icole Supirieure des Beaux-Arts, Marseille (Post-graduate diploma)
1997 research-semester at the Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet, Mainz
1999/2000 research year at Kunsthochschule Berlin
2001-2003 Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp (Post-graduate diploma)
2005-2008 DLA-Doctoral Program at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

selected awards:
1995 Pannon Color Foundation Price, Hungary
1995/96/97 KulturKontakt (scholarship) Vienna, Austria
1997 EMARE-residency, Hull-Time Based Arts, Great Britain
1998 In and Out of Touch, British-Hungarian exchange program, London
1999 Bethanien K|nstlerhaus (residency scholarship), Berlin
1999 Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy, Rome
1999 Derkovits Gyula Scholarship, Hungary
1999/2000 DAAD Forschungsstippendium, Berlin
2000 Studio Price 2000, Hungary
2001/2002 MVB-Hungarian State Scholarship for studytrip to Antwerp, Belgium
2003 Evtvvs Fellowship of the Hungarian Scholarship Board (for studytrip to Antwerp, Belgium)

selected solo exhibitions and projects:
1993 Museum of Arts, Kolozsvar
1995 Microcosm, FMK Gallery, Budapest
1995 Mesured Picture, Stzdis Gallery, Budapest
1996 Z(w)eitgeist,Stzdis Gallery Budapest (with Gabor Nimeth)
1997 I like America and America likes me, Stzdis Gallery, Budapest (with K. R. Huffman and E. Wohlgemuth)
1997 I'm home when I'm not, EICH Gallery Hull, England
1997 Antimedia, e-mail-project
1997 Gutenberg Commemorative Project, Gutenberg Museum Press, Mainz, Germany
1998 Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia (with Borut Korosec)
1998 Eine Mark mit Ihrem Portrait macht 5 Mark (happening) Klosterfest Cismar 98, Germany
1998 The Cismar Installation, K|nstlerhaus Cismar, Germany
1999 Occidente Lux Installation, Milkstation-Pl|schow, Germany
1999 Man f|gt eins zu Man zieht eins ab (with Balazs Bevthy and Piter Szarka), K|nstlerhaus
Bethanien Berlin, Germany
2000 Found Picture, Stzdis Gallery Budapest
2001 Photographies, capcMusie d'art contemporain, Bordeaux, France
2001 Galerie 52, Berlin, Germany
2001 Centre Odyssud, Blagnac, France
2002 Antwerpen Reprojections, Sbudai Tarsaskvr Galiria, Budapest
2002 Folyamat Gallery, Budapest
2003 Kampl Gallery (with Hannah Dougherty), Berlin, Germany
2003 Vintage Gallery, Budapest
2004 Empire in Different Colours, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2004 Compillation Europe (with Eperjesi Agnes), Galerie am Hauptplatz, Hainburg, Austria
2007 Launch of the Perimedia Online Project and Peripublic, a daily online peripublication
2007 The Diss-Makos Effect, B5 Studio, Marosvasarhely
2008 Launch of the Perichronic, another daily online publication

works in collections and archives:
CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux
MEO Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest
Nagoya University of Arts Collection (Japan)
Fvrderkreis Schloss Pl|schow (Germany)
Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Art Museum, Gyor (Hungary)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunazjvaros (Hungary)
00130Gallery Video Library, Helsinki
E-Flux Video Rental

Pericycle" is a metaphoric video about a peripheric way of exchange of goods.

Alejandro Palomino
Luces 2008 4:28

Alejandro Palomino was born 1986 in Mexico City where he currently lives and works. He studied Visual Arts on the ENPEG "La Esmeralda" and his production has been centered around video and sculpture. These mediums have allowed him to explore the creation of atmospheres and situations that seek for the atemporality. A cyclic time that makes sense through the repetition as loop, exploring space and time qualities that video can grant.

"Luces" (Lights) shows a nocturne horizon close to the shore, where, thanks to digital tools, the landscape is freely constructed and reconstructed to build a space and a time from the artist's subjectivity.

John Pearson
Ground/Glass 2008 4:25
Transcript 2004 4:30

I have lived in Los Angeles since 1993, a transplant from Chicago. I am a photographer that has gravitated to video and computer editing as a replacement for the increasingly obsolescent darkroom. Video allows me a means to address photographic concerns while working in real time.

Ground/Glass is an attempt to use a cave as an optical instrument for exploring light and the landscape. Within this cave a person's eyes dilate and adjust to the darkness revealing the character of the cave while simultaneously the view to the outside sunlit landscape appears increasingly obscured, veiled in broad daylight. This video is an exploration of this inversion while considering the austere yet ornate structure of the cave. The point of view is constructed from a mechanical panning using a bicycle wheel along with a more subjective handling of the camera to investigate the location.

Vision is full and unyielding; fueled by sunlight it spreads out effortlessly. And this sunlight fills space inviting views and further distances to the eye. I want to consider a different vision that can occur while writing and drawing. At these times my perspective changes as my attention narrows to the thin black line along the white paper plane. I can remove the pen and the paper and still allow my eye to trace/construct the same trajectory. The thin line made by my eyes changes without the brace of the page. At other times I render a part of the landscape as my eye defines it, the camera shifts from a passive recorder to a more applied marking. The sunlight keeps filling space inviting views and distance but I use the camera to sketch out distinct objects in the landscape instead of resolving each in a broader perspective.

How many miles away is the moon from my eyes? And the sun still reveals its presence: a cloudy white, circular point.

Laurent Pernot
Life's Attraction, 2004 3:26
Gravity, 2006 3:27

Laurent Pernot's work explores the deep ambiguities of human existence, centering on the eternal question of the meaning of life. He seeks to represent and explore the cycle of birth, life and death that is common to every living organism. For Laurent, mankinds' current situation has never previously required us to ask questions of our origins and our future, of our individuality, our variety and our complementarity. He observes that the differences between us will always be much less significant than the similarities that bring us closer.

"Since the beginning of my career, I have used electronic media to produce installations, film, videos, animations, sound compositions, books and photographs, attempting to convey allegory and poetry. I have always been interested in philosophic and scientific issues, especially those that deal with life's consciousness and patterns."

Laurent Pernot has had solo shows at The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona (2006), the Alvar Aalto Musem in Jyvaskla, Finland and the Interxcross Creative Centre in Sapporo, Japan (2004). His work has been screened widely across the world, gaining him international acclaim. His work is in various collections.

Laurent Pernot holds a Master of Photography and Multimedia degree from Paris VIII University and post-diploma of Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts, Tourcoing, France.

Life's Attraction
Night falls on a narrow street. A child starts to run, whilst snowflakes luminous and corpuscular float slowly. The young boy begins to run more and more quickly as the snow continues to fall. Celebrating life's cycle in a sparkling run through the snow, 'Life's Attraction' explores time as an infinite journey.

In this video, the soft and almost intangible picture of an angel contrasts with its impossibility to fly away, despite several attempts, as well as with an enchanting and dramatic sound atmosphere. Being a teenager, the age of the premises of liberty, innocence, sensuality, and where the desires build themselves while they cross obstacles, the face of the angel symbolizes more generally the "dream to fly" than carried humanity, a freedom that Icarus was about to reach.

Lai-Chung Poon
Tree Project, 2006 Hand- drawn animation on loop 0:40

Lai-Chung Poon was born in Hong Kong, then her family immigrated to San Francisco Bay Area in her teens to avoid the China take-over in 1997. Poon was drawn to both 'Manga' and western-style comic books in her youth. In San Francisco, she was influenced by street art and grew a strong interest in creating graphic visual arts.

Poon moved to Brooklyn in 1999 to attend Pratt Institute where she received BFA in drawing in 2003. At Pratt, she began experimenting with all aspects of drawing including illustration, animation, installation and book making. She received her MFA in drawing at School of Visual Arts and is currently making work in Brooklyn.

Poon has a wide range of subject matter, which includes autobiographical narratives, female role in society, technology in art, and the process of art making. Poon has a strong interest in making something new with traditional techniques such as drawing, but she is also interested in using new techniques and technology to recreate traditional thoughts.

Tree Project" is an animation on loop, which reveals a short but never-ending tale of mother and daughter relationship. The directness of drawing on paper provokes more intimacy with my subject matter and the animation element allows me to explore into the narrative and the realm of moving images. Traditionally drawn animation is a painful and laborious process, which makes me proud when I create an animated "thing".

Stuart Pound
This Is Not a Landscape, 2004 3:26

Stuart Pound lives in London. Over the past 12 years he has collaborated with the poet Rosemary Norman on a number of videos. His work has been shown mainly in Europe and Latin America, also on the internet from www.video.cwc.net

synopsis ::
This is not a landscape...
A photograph of deer in Richmond Park, London

Diego Quemada-Diez
I Want To Be A Pilot, 2006 11:45

Diego Quemada-Diez started his career in film working as a camera assistant for British director Ken Loach (Land and Freedom, Carla's Song). His graduation film at the American Film Institute, A Table Is A Table, won the 2001 student award by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC). His film I Want To Be A Pilot was shot in Kenya after working on The Constant Gardener as a Camera Operator.

Deep in the slums of East Africa, a 12-year-old boy has only one dream.

Ray Rapp
truckZ, 1998 9:00

Ray Rapp is a video/video installation artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Recent exhibitions include Fringe exhibitions (LA), Frederieke Taylor Gallery (NY), Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago), OH+T Gallery (Boston), Photo San Francisco, Photo Miami, Pulse NY, Scope NY and Miami.

The video humanLocomotion_la is a compilation of digital animations created for the video installation of the same name exhibited at Fringe exhibitions in 2006. The work is named after the collection of photographs by Edwaerd Muybridge documenting simple movements of male and female subjects. The subjects for humanLocomotion_la have been extracted from movies featuring Los Angeles as the center of the action. The characters have been redrawn and animated, first populating the 40 monitors in the Fringe exhibition and now acting as a single channel video for Projections on the Lake.

truckZ was created from original video taken by the artist while driving from New York to Summit, New Jersey in 1998. These video vignettes were then warped and compiled using several computer programs.

Leslie Raymond
Railroad Cinema, 2007 14:39
Monks and Holidays, 2007 6:44
Sandy Loam, 2007 10:25

Leslie Raymond (b. 1968) is a video artist living in San Antonio, Texas.

Her solo and collaborative films and videos have been presented at festivals including the 50th Sydney Film Festival (Australia) dLux Media Arts "Future Perfect" screening, the Lausanne Underground Film & Video Festival (Switzerland), Loop Barcelona, and the Museo de Arte Contemprareano (Argentina) in which her work was awarded first place in video installation.

As vjFutureWorkerGirl, Raymond has mixed video live with experimental musicians and DJs at festivals and venues including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, 21 Grand, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and the Soap Factory.

She and her partner Jason Jay Stevens are known as Potter-Belmar Labs, a collaborative team who have been working together in multimedia performance and installation since 1999.

Born in Saint Paul and raised in Detroit, Raymond received her BFA in film and video from Rhode Island School of Design in 1990, and an MFA from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design in 1999. She currently teaches at The University of Texas at San Antonio, where she started the New Media Studio Program in the Department of Art & Art History.

The videos of Leslie Raymond are moving paintings, infinite loops holding a space in time. The potential for stories lie therein, gathering force through the viewer's gaze and attention.

Glynnis Reed
Portrait of the Artist As a Young Flaneur, 2008 digital collage

Glynnis Reed graduated with an MFA in Studio Art in 2003 from UC Irvine, where she worked in traditional photography and digital imaging. She has been working in photography and photo based media for over ten years and has exhibited her work extensively at both the local and national level. Her work may currently be viewed at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco in the show "Double Exposure: African Americans Before and Behind the Camera." Galleries in which Glynnis has shown her work include the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the Armory Center for the Arts, the Los Angeles Municipal Art gallery, the University of Detroit Mercy, and Watts Towers Art Center.

In her work, Glynnis explores issues of identity and place and she is interested in the ways environments shape our notions of the self. She has photographed and been inspired by the imagery of cities for some time and investigates urban landscapes as sites for revealing complexities in social interactions and relationships. She also explores dynamics of intimate relationships in her work, investigating how gender, race, and power figure into people's experiences within the physical and social geography of the city.

Jean Robison
Bird, 2006 3:00

Jean Robison works with video, animation and photography to reinterpret the known object. Using familiar objects such as a Coca-Cola cup, a baseball or glass from a broken windshield she reconsiders these cultural products with all their symbolic possibilities. As a result of re-positioning objects, a shift occurs for the viewer/consumer. New meanings emerge and transcendent, sometimes erotic, relationships occur. The work plays with national icons, like Coke or baseball, as well as humbler subjects, such as a crayfish, orange juice or a solitary bird. All these themes, put under the same scrutiny, yield fresh meanings. Video projection furthers the exaggeration of the re-positioned object. The subject of the work combines with specific architecture, each lending its own context and particular declaration.

Bird is an animation made up of 1,917 graphite drawings.

Alexis Rockman
Painting, 2004

Alexis Rockman (born 1962) is an American contemporary artist known for his paintings depicting the precarious relationship between man and nature. He has been exhibiting his work internationally since 1985, when he received a BFA in fine arts from the School of Visual Arts. His artworks are information-rich depictions of how our culture perceives and interacts with plants and animals, and the role culture plays in influencing the direction of natural history.

Alexis Rockman is a native of New York City. He grew up in and around The Museum of Natural History. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. His work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and is in the permanent collections of several prominent institutions, including Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Brooklyn Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Baltimore Museum of Art.

Simon Ruben
Orange Peel 2007 7:43

Simon hails from London, England, where he has worked on short films, music videos, and documentaries as a writer, director and editor. He has a Master's in Mythology, and is a graduate of the Brighton Film School.

For more on Simon and his past and future productions, please visit www.artemisfilms.co.uk

'Orange Peel' is a track by electronica artist Los. The piece was designed as visuals for an event that took place in London in 2007.

The film works the 'familial' in with the 'tribal' to create a sensation of familiarity and belonging alongside one of being outside and alien.

Sim Sadler
Refi, 2008 1:21
Sediment, 2006 4:13

Sim Sadler is a filmmaker, video artist and editor residing in Los Angeles. Born in Kansas City, Missouri and educated at Columbia College Chicago, his film and video work have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Cannes Film Festival, and many other venues around the world. Between freelance gigs as editor for film, TV and corporate media, he's also authored political viral video mash-ups which have received notice on C-SPAN and CNN.

Re:Fi is a time-based collage study of the freefalling housing market. Using appropriated language and imagery from the real estate, construction, and financial industries, the video explores the interplay of temptation, evasion, and decay that frames the narrative of a bubble in collapse.

Sediment is a kinetic composition of not-quite-recognizable bits of urban terrain. Arranged in contrasting layers that slice past each other in a painterly blur, it was inspired by a walk around L.A.'s Silverlake reservoir.

Robert Seidel
E3, 2006 4:13
_grau, 2004 10:01


Robert Seidel began studying biology, but finished his media design diploma at the Bauhaus University Weimar. His films have been shown in art museums as well as over 250 festivals (Prix Ars Electronica, onedotzero, DOTMOV), galleries, magazines, books and TV programmes worldwide. They have been honoured with several prices like an Honorary Award of the KunstFilmBiennale and the Prize for Best Experimental Film at Ottawa International Animation Festival.

In his films Seidel is interested in pushing the boundaries of organic beauty and emotions with visual and scientific technology. Recently he began to expand his experimental films to an architectural canvas, as one example he turned a natural history museum into a “breathing creature”. In his visual live performances he builds up “living paintings” to capture the state of uncertainty between non-processed perception and constantly overwritten memories …

E3 (8, E = eternity, 3 = 3 month) is the first work trying to capture my drawing and painting style into a moving picture. The movie is a 3-month-diary that I created while studying in the UK. It captures the beginning, with all its enthusiasm, energy and more or less sub-conscious hope that things develop differently in a new space. Followed by the phase were everything slows down to finally result in a complete breakdown into everyday life. This cycle happens over and over again, in all scales, in all relations … sometimes it can be a cozy, pleasant state … while other times it seems like Don Quixote, fighting against windmills …

..._grau is a personal reflection on memories coming up during a car accident, where past events emerge, fuse, erode and finally vanish ethereally … various real sources where distorted, filtered and fitted into a sculptural structure to create not a plain abstract, but a very private snapshot of a whole life within its last seconds … music: heiko tippelt, philipp hirsch

Kyungmi Shin
What To Wear For The Funeral, 2006 9:04

Kyungmi Shin is an installation artist whose work weaves the language of photography, sculpture, painting and video. She is educated at San Francisco Art Institute and received her MFA at UC Berkeley in 1995. She has exhibited at Sonje Museum in Korea, Southern Exposure in San Francisco, Asian American Art Center in New York, Laguna Beach Museum, Torrance Art Museum, and Korean American Museum in Los Angeles. In October 2008, her work was exhibited in "20 Years Ago Today", at Japanese American National Museum. She is a recipient of California Community Foundation emerging artist grant, Pasadena City's Individual Artist grant, City of Los Angeles Artist in Residence grant, and Durfee grant. Kyungmi Shin lives and makes art in Los Angeles and Ghana.

This 9 minute video was created as a part of a three part video installation at 18th Street Arts Center. The original footage for the video was shot at a village of Akwidaa in Ghana, Western Africa, where my partner and I have a studio home. One of the prominent aspect of spending part of the year in Africa is the observance of frequent funerals and of the beautiful clothing that the villagers wear as they gather to mourn, dance and feast in honor of the dead. I have created this video mostly out of the video stills depicting the colorful patterns of the clothing, and the many faces at the funeral. These still circles are interwoven with occasional video bursts of songs, music and stereo systems that dominate the funeral alleys.

Laurie Simmons
The Instant Decorator, 2004 Photograph

The Instant Decorator (2004), based on reproductions in a 1976 decorating book of the same name, features images of Modernist architecture collaged helter-skelter with images of women and men sampled from popular magazines and catalogues.

Laurie Simmons was born on October 3, 1949, in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, New York. She began photographing at the age of six, when her father bought her a Brownie camera. She received a B.F.A. from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia in 1971 and two years later moved to the SoHo neighborhood of New York. Her first photographs were portraits of friends, but she began photographing toys, in particular dolls from the 1950s that she had purchased at an antiquated toy store in the Catskills, after working as a freelance photographer for a dollhouse miniature company.

Simmons has had solo exhibitions at P.S. 1 in New York (1979), Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (1987), San Jose Museum of Art in San Jose, California (1990), and the Baltimore Museum of Art (1997), among other venues. Her work has also appeared in the Wiener Internationale Biennale (1981), Whitney Biennial (1985 and 1991), Bienal de Sco Paulo (1985), Austrian Triennial on Photography in Graz (1996), and Open Ends: Minimalism and After at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2000). She received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1984.

Dean Smith
Labyrinth, 2006 5:50

Dean Smith's films have screened at San Francisco Cinematheque, The 19th London Lesbian/Gay Film Festival at the National Theater, London, the Clarke Centre, Montreal, the Kunst Museum, Zurich, ATA: Artists Television Access, San Francisco, and in galleries nationally. labyrinth, which Leah Ollman of the LA Times described as, "a mesmerizing haunt", premiered at Christopher Grimes Gallery in 2003. Known primarily for his works on paper, Smith's recent solo exhibitions include Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, and Marvelli Gallery, New York. His drawings are represented in numerous museum collections, including The British Museum, London, The Hammer Museum, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Dean Smith lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Curtis Stage
So Outta Tune, 2007 1:31

Much of Curtis Stage's work is an exploration of sound and vision, which collides the worlds of contemporary music and art. Stage's work addresses the possibility that video/sound can be a seemingly endless archive of cultural and personal associations to be layered, ripped apart, and re-mixed by the artist and viewer to create new "narratives". For Stage, reinterpretation, plundering and rearranging to create a frenzy of imagery and sound that is at once alluring and dizzying, fuels his interest in communication and our cultural need to connect with each other.

Curtis Stage is a Los Angeles based artist working with media art and photography. For the last few years much of his work has revolved around relationships to the self and how we connect with each other in a culture of technological experience. We have wrapped music, television, cinema, and the Internet into the fabric of our lives and it has influenced our sense of time, place and identity.

Curtis shows work in Los Angeles at Fringe Exhibitions in Chinatown. He also is the Vice Chair and Assistant Professor of Multimedia at the Institute of Arts and Multimedia at Los Angeles Mission College and Visiting Artist of Digital Art at Claremont Graduate University.

Jennifer Steinkamp
sin(time), 2003 6 minutes

Jennifer Steinkamp creates interactive video environments that are designed for specific architectural spaces. The viewer manipulates the environment either by seeming to enter the projected image, or by triggering a reaction by movement.

Born in Denver and raised in Minnesota, Steinkamp studied film, video art and computer animation in the 1980s, when she attended CalArts in Valencia and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She also worked on and off as an animator in the commercial sector. The artist lives in Los Angeles.

A pioneer in the medium, she seems able to make software do anything she wants; or as she puts it: "I write scripts to control things."

Jennifer Steinkamp had a retrospective of her work at the San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art in August 2006, which traveled to the Kemper Museum of Art, Kansas City and the Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo. The Denver Art Museum commissioned a special installation by Steinkamp for their new building which opened in 2006. She studied at Art Center in Los Angeles, and has exhibited worldwide at The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami; the 8th Annual Istanbul Biennial; the Seoul Museum of Art; and the Corcoran Gallery Of Art, Washington DC, among others. Her work was also included in Visual Music at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C., and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and is in many major public and private collections.

Her work is part of the collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and MOCA, North Miami. She has been the recipient of two NEA grants, the Getty Individual grant, a research grant from Art Center College of Design, and two Art Matters grants.

Dennis Summers
Resonance 2008, video animation 14:13

Dennis Summers has exhibited artwork in a wide range of genres and media internationally for 20 years. His on-going global memorial artwork "The Crying Post Project," was begun in 2001 (www.thecryingpostproject.org). In stark contrast, in 2005 he began a series of digitally created abstract "color field" videos. One of these was a purchase prize winner in the Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, in Almeria, Spain, 2006. These videos have been described as mesmerizing, beautiful and complex. His artists books and videos are in the collections of several major museums.

The videos in this series were inspired by the early phase shift music of Steve Reich. The first one that was created analogously sets two colors, each of which is cycling through all the colors in the spectrum, against each other as they slowly go out of phase. They come back into phase after roughly 15 minutes at which point the piece will seamlessly loop. Although in other pieces from this series, the shapes and arrangements of shapes, and some of the color patterns become more complex over time, at the basic level the generative system remains the same.

Chris Verene
My Twin Cousin's Husband's Brother's Cousin's Cousins 2002, photograph

For almost 20 years, Verene has photographed his hometown of Galesburg, a small working class railroad town in western Illinois. In these pictures Verene documents with dignity and a wry sense of humor both joyful events, like a cousin's wedding, and the hardships of poverty, divorce, and death.

Born in Galesburg, Illinois, Chris Verene was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He received a BA from Emory University and an MFA from Georgia State University. In addition to being a photographer, Verene is also a performance artist and musician in the indie rock band Cordero. His works have been presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; High Museum of Art, Atlanta; and in Times Square, New York. His photographs are held in the permanent collections of many institutions, including the Whitney Museum and the High Museum. Verene currently lives and works in New York where he is an adjunct Professor of MFA Photography and Related Media at the School of Visual Art.

S. Vijayaraghavan
Journey of Discovery an Existentia, new media animation 2006 3:37 minutes

S. VIJAYARAGHAVAN: S. Vijayaraghavan was born in 1981 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He Studied Bachelor of Fine Arts in College of Fine Arts, Chennai, India. 2007 - FR8 [Waterfront Festival, California, U.S.A], Curated by Anne Bray, Executive Director, Free waves, U.S.A. IZOLENTA 07 International Digital Film Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia. 2006: Freewaves Presents "Too much freedom" 10th Biennale Film, Video & New Media Festival, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, U.S.A. Eighth International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium, Havana, Cuba. El Arte de la Installation with Mexican Artist, Felipe Ehrenberg, Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi. 2004 - Gallery International's Global All Media International Competition & Exhibition, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. 26th International Hollfelder Kunstausstellung, Kunst Museum, HollFeld, South Germany. Currently he is living and pursuing Master of Fine Arts, Painting in College of Art, New Delhi, India.

In this project I focus on questioning the relationship between Body & mind, Pain & Pleasure in the human phenomenon. While this Project gives new dimensions, perceptions and psychologies that may raise curious questions about our existing beliefs, values and thoughts about Human values.

The idea is to show the interaction with emphatic and maltreat how they transform us, and how we become feeling with them. As the existing values and meanings of this society can be tracing very accurately and therefore always put into the mind. One can wonder how we react in the work of changing;,and it's going to be conventional thinking.

Martabel Wasserman
Untitled, 2003 photo collage

Martabel Wasserman was born in Providence, Rhode Island and is currently an undergraduate at Harvard University. Her first solo exhibition took place at AS220 Gallery in Providence, and since then, she has shown at Rare NYC Studio, New York; Gallery Agniel, Providence; and I-20 Gallery, New York. She has also been included in group exhibitions at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York; Art Forum Berlin; and Scope Miami. Wasserman lives and works in Cambridge, New York and Providence.

Currently attending Harvard University
Lives and works in Cambridge, MA; New York, NY, and Providence, RI

Lawrence Weiner
Inherent in the Rhumb Line 2005, 7 minutes

With the advent of the rhumb line - a line of constant bearing or loxodrome - a cognitive pattern developed in the Western world that allowed the possibility to conceive pillage on voyages of discovery. Inherent in the Rhumb Line is an imperative for use - regardless of consequence - a flattened convolution that marries landscape with loot and preordination. Inherent in the Rhumb Line is a silent 7 minute motion drawing." - Moved Pictures

A key figure in Conceptual Art, Lawrence Weiner has long pursued inquiries into language and the art-making process. From his pioneering installation works of the 1960s and '70s through his new digital projects, Weiner posits a radical redefinition of the artist/viewer relationship and the very nature of the artwork. Translating his investigations into linguistic structures and visual systems across varied formats and manifestations, Weiner has also produced books, films, videos, performances and audio works.

In his recent series of digital works, Weiner stakes out new territory even as he extends these investigations. Evoking analytic philosophy and linguistic games, Weiner deploys animated drawings and epigrammatic text that interact in a symbolic language. Ultimately, these visual and linguistic systems take on provocative narrative meaning.

Lawrence Weiner was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1942. He has received numerous grants and awards, including the Skowhegan Medal for Painting/Conceptual Art; Wolfgang Hahn Prize, Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany; the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, and the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, among many others. Weiner's works have been widely exhibited internationally. Recent solo exhibitions have been seen at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany; Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.; Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Dia Center for the Arts, New York; Musie d'Art Contemporain, Bordeaux; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany. His work has been included in major group exhibitions internationally, including Documenta in Kassel, Germany, and the Venice Biennial.

Weiner lives and works in New York.

Thomas Williams
Durian, 2007 5:21

Thomas has spent his life exploring many art forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, dance, video, animation, and programming, and accumulating the styles and techniques from these various artistic disciplines and fusing them into his current hybrid of immersive media. A VJ since 1994, he has created music videos and tour visuals and performed live for groups such as George Clinton, Ornette Coleman, Crystal Method, Eminem, the Blue Man group, and many others. Current projects include augmented reality, rendered abstract animation, and light sculpture.

Durian is an abstract synesthetic music video using fractal flames and 3d animation to produce a voyage through organic emotional organic architecture. Using various generative methods, it fuses 2d and 3d in unexpected ways, exploring the possibilities of dancing architecture. The software used in the creation of this piece includes 3DS Max, After Effects, Apophysis, xFrog, and Vue.

Jody Zellen
More Real Then Now, 2005 3:38

Jody Zellen is an artist living in Los Angeles, California. She works in many media simultaneously making photographs, installations, net art, public art, as well as artists' books that explore the subject of the urban environment. She employs media-generated representations of contemporary and historic cities as raw material for aesthetic and social investigations. Solo exhibitions include Paul Kopeikin Gallery (2007), LAXArt (2007); Pace University's Digital Gallery (2005); The Laguna Art Museum (2004-05); Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects (2002); Deep River, Los Angeles (2001). Her net art projects have shown world wide since 1997 in festivals and exhibitions such as Mundourbano, Madrid, E-Poetry Festival, Paris, Cyber Feminism, Vienna, WRO Media Art Biannual, Warsaw, File (2007); Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany; 9th Japan Media Art Festival, Tokyo (2006); Arte Nuevo Interactive, Mexico; ACCEA, Armenia; Prog:Me, Rio de Janeiro (2005); File, Brazil; Festival du Noveau Cinema, Montreal; Siggraph, Los Angeles; International Festival of Electronic Art, Argentina; Cosign, Croatia (2004); New Forms Festival, Vancouver; Recontres Internationales, Berlin (2003); Whitney Museum Artport (2002); XXV Bienal de Sao Paulo (2002); Art Future, Taiwan (2000); Net_Condition, ZKM (1999); Film + Arch.3, Graz (1997). Her website "Ghost City" (www.ghostcity.com) begun in 1997 is an ever changing meditation on the urban environment. "Crowds and Power" was the October 2002 portal for the Whitney Museum's artport (http://artport.whitney.org). "Disembodied Voices," 2004 (www.disembodiedvoices.com) began as an online project that was then coverted into a 5 projector interactive installation. She has recently created five online projects for the Dutch Newspaper Volkskrant.